Land Area Ranked 2nd


• Total 268,596[1] sq mi (695,662 km2)
• Land 261,232[1] sq mi (676,587 km2)
• Water 7,365[1] sq mi (19,075 km2) 2.7%
• Length 801[2] mi (1,289 km)
• Width 773[2] mi (1,244 km)
• Latitude 25°50′ N to 36°30′ N
• Longitude 93°31′ W to 106°39′ W


Before statehood Republic of Texas

Admitted to the Union December 29, 1845 (28th)

We are real, living and breathing Americans who have corrected and recorded our proper political status and returned to the land-and-soil. Our founding fathers commissioned us with the task of self-governance from the very beginning. We are aware of the difference between American History and US History. Authentic American History is not taught in public schools.


The men and women in the Texas Assembly all sensed that something just is not right with the ‘de facto’ government. As you read through this website, you may come to realize that you are like-minded as well, and that you too are a man or woman who have also been misidentified.


We are actively working to help others “come home to the-land-and soil.” We are truly what stands between foreign corporations taking over America and Americans losing their freedom. The 50 State Assemblies are all peacefully working to reconstruct our lawful government that has been dormant for over 150 years.


This website is dedicated to helping people learn how they have been misidentified, what that means, why it matters and how to go about correcting their status. We are here to help you and we encourage you to join us in restoring The Texas State Assembly and Common Law government.


As an American you have, most likely, been mis-identified as a Federal Citizen and not counted as an American State National or American State Citizen. Federal Citizenship is created by the Constitution(s) and therefore, Federal Citizens are not Parties to the Constitutions and have no constitutional guarantees — only “Equal Civil Rights” that can be suspended.


If you want to claim your “Natural and Unalienable” rights and property, you have to declare and record your political status as an American State National or American State Citizen (that is, a Member of Texas State Assembly) and you cannot act as any kind of Federal United States Citizen at the same time as you participate in your State Assembly.


A large portion of your government has been “missing in action” and awaiting “Reconstruction” since the Civil War. This work can only be accomplished by properly organized State Assemblies populated by American State Citizens. The Texas Assembly will help you CORRECT YOUR STATUS

The Texas Assembly is dedicated to:

* Upholding the Public Law and Keeping the Peace

* Repopulating the Texas Land and Soil Jurisdiction

* Restoring the complete and fully operational Land and Soil Jurisdiction

* Establishing the State and Common Law court system serving the people

* Filling vacant Public Offices

* Preserving the National Trust and enforcing Public Law

* Reclaiming our material and intellectual public and private assets

* Upholding the Federal Constitution


We, the living people of Texas are calling all eligible Americans to assemble. We are assembling peacefully and without resentment or bitterness, by exercising our unincorporated powers and capacities.