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Notice to all soil jurisdiction Sheriffs

The Peacekeeping Task Force (PKTF) will be dedicating the remainder of this months Issue Publication to the vital role of PKTF – Assembly Liaison for all 50 State Assemblies.


Among the numerous focal points we will be tackling over the course of this service is the priority regarding our Soil Jurisdiction Sheriff for each County. This elected role needs no further explanation to the learned among our readers. But, for the sake of the novice we will take a brief moment to expound on the their vital necessity.


Please take note of the map image left. This image is of a 2007 update initiative that took place under the Washington, District of Columbia Administration of that time period to this festering Supreme Court issue provisioned by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Through this directive those American counties that falls within 100 direct air miles inland, from all State boundaries are considered a “Constitution-Free Zone” – a decades old federal statute within the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to facilitate its over 300 ports of entry (and beyond).


Supreme Court jurisprudence has established that some established constitutional provisions do not apply at the U.S. border, and protections against governmental privacy incursions are significantly reduced.


As such, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Border Patrol as an arm of CBP have more authority to search, seize, and detain individuals and property at border crossings than law enforcement agencies would have in other contexts. Justified by reference to the national interest in monitoring and controlling entrants to the country, the doctrine is known as the “border search exception.”


Although this is not new to questionable, Fourth Amendment abuses against U.S. Citizens and other Americans, nevertheless, the ongoing implications of continued abuses along these checkpoints are as surprising to many people who have yet to experience such offenses that are less traveled than other people in America. The Peacekeeping Task Force has revisited this decades long abuse of alleged freedom to travel throughout our American States as we have observed the nearly 180 degree – equally absurd approach to this dilemma in recent years. With regards to border crossing breaches that fly in the face of both extremes of this dichotomy, PKTF has made the decision (after over 6 months of researched preparations) to rally behind the advice of the Federation on what should have taken shape around this lack of safety and security over 65 years ago.


We are calling on all States whose counties fall within any portion of 100 air miles along this nationwide perimeter. We are seeking confirmation and peacekeeping collaborations emphasizing the status as to which counties currently have, or are currently in the process of electing their Soil Jurisdiction Sheriff. Our first focus will be upon those counties whose States border Mexico and Canada respectively. Our hope is that – through this effort we will be rallying those counties, and all other counties further inland to begin populating all such counties with a properly elected, or a properly recognized interim Sheriff.


It will be peacekeeping initiatives and objectives such as these and many others that will be discussed during all PKTF – Assembly Liaison meetings in the near future.


For those interested in the simple enrollment process on how to become the first Assembly Liaison with The Peacekeeping Task Force, please click on our Enrollment Form to begin. To see a map that illustrates how many State Assemblies who have answered this call to action so far, please visit our States Liaison Map for more visual details.


Original material is here - PKTF NOTICE TO SHERIFFS